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Cardamom Designs was born out of a 25 year long love affair with India. Founder Kate Kellogg first went to India, for a semester abroad, as an undergraduate student in 1994. It was during that semester that she met her husband and they began their lifetime infatuation with the country. They returned to India multiple times over the years, as graduate students, volunteers and tourists. In 2008 they made a special trip to Kerala to adopt their then 2-year old son. In 2017, they returned to India, as a family, on a year-long sabbatical. It was during this time that Kate participated in an artist residency in Jaipur and became immersed in the ancient art of hand block printing. She was especially taken with the idea that her hand-drawn and painted designs could be carved into wooden printing blocks and used to transform her artwork into functional objects. The idea of creating a line of colorful hand block printed products for the home and wardrobe took hold and Kate used her sabbatical in India to build relationships with traditional artisans that could help her fulfill this vision. It is this collaboration with the artisans, the freedom to create her own textile designs and the deepened connection with the rich and colorful culture of India that have fueled the creation of Cardamom Designs.

 Cardamom Designs is honored to bring the vibrance of India and its wonderful people into your home, wardrobe and life.

Thank you for your support!

Kate Kellogg - Designer and Founder of Cardamom Designs



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